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Future Energy Savers, has shown it has what it takes to provide quality service and lasting relationships with our customers. The map below shows just a small sample of the customers Future Energy Savers has helped make the switch to join the solar community. Some of your very own friends, family, and neighbors have taken the step to save on their utility bills and make a positive environmental change for the future. Will you be the next to start saving today?

  • We are very happy with Future Energy Savers and highly recommend this company. Our Salesperson Mike was impressive and guided us through the process. Roof Inspection and Installation were quick. Employees are knowledgeable and professional. Our 5KW solar system is working great. We had no problems at all with City permit, inspection and sign off and PG&E went quickly and smoothly - just a few weeks wait. We are currently over producing for our 2200 SF home including charging our PHEV car. Couldn't be happier!

    Audrey L. Avatar
    Audrey L.

    Great service from Future Energy on the solar system they sold and installed. From the initial contact with the sales rep to follow-up from office staff, engineer and installation techs—all representatives from this company have been prompt, friendly, professional. Very happy with my system; I had previously consulted five other solar companies and none could come up with a reasonable system/price because my energy usage is so low for my small house. Future Energy Savers made my dream of going solar a reality, and the whole process, from sales and financing (at a competitive rate) to installation and final inspection, took less than a month. Highly recommend this company!

    Marianne D. Avatar
    Marianne D.

    I was a little apprehensive about installing solar on my house. I’ve thought of installing solar on my house however my SMUD bills are not out of line compared to PG&E’s rates and bills. The only consideration I have in regards to my power bill is my house is empty of people during the week so my power consumption is low. That’s about to change because I’m fixing to retire in January 2021. My power consumption will go up beginning in 2021. I want to be comfortable in my home when in retirement. I also have hobbies and air conditioning in the garage to keep the climate of the garage comfortable.A representative from Future Energy Savers was in my neighborhood and what caught my attention was FES is a local Elk Grove company who has been in business many years. The other thing that caught my attention was the promise of performing a clean installation of the solar panels as well as the related equipment and conduits. This is real important to me because I’m picky. I’m a contractor myself and have seen plenty of poor workmanship or “hack” work in my days. I decided based on the company being a local company to let Future Energy Savers install solar on my house. Of course the federal tax credit and rebates also influenced my decision.The installation of the solar panels, equipment and conduits is clean as promised. The conduits are run through my attic and not seen and the penetrations are clean and sealed. The equipment is mounted straight and plumb. The few exposed conduits seen are straight and plumb. FES did an excellent job on installing the solar system on my house.I started the system up in Mid December 2019 and haven’t seen the reflection on my SMUD bill yet in regards to the solar system being operational. My power consumption during winter months is generally low. I’m being realistic about the solar system costing more on average than my past SMUD bills did. It could take a period of time for the solar system to start paying back. The piece of mind is electrical rates are only going up and SMUD customers are already seeing rate changes at certain times of day. Power shut downs are possible even with SMUD when certain weather conditions are taking place. My system could start paying back sooner with increased occupancy hours of my house going up. None the less I’m happy I chose to have the solar system installed on my house. I’m also happy I chose Future Energy Savers to do the solar system installation.

    Charlie H. Avatar
    Charlie H.
  • Future Energy Servers installed the equipment the last week of October, 2019. We were pleased with the treatment of everyone from the company, either in person or on the phone, all very professional and respectful. The final inspection from FES and PG&E did not occur until the middle of November, therefore we were unable to obtain statements from PG&E that would reflect savings on our energy consumption until the end of December. We now expect to see a continuation of savings in the forthcoming winter months.

    Mariela B. Avatar
    Mariela B.

    Well --- made the decision to move to solar --- so happy we went with Future Energy Savers --- the process so far has been incredibly straightforward from financing to preparations for the installation --- very happy with service of all parties so far --- thanks

    Rosemary E. Avatar
    Rosemary E.

    We’ve just had a 5KW solar energy system installed by Future Energy and couldn’t be happier with it. The whole process from our salesman Dale to Thomas doing the roof survey and the installation crew was hassle free. The installation crew was terrific, they were careful to not damage anything and very professional keeping us abreast of their progress. They completed the install in one day only coming back for the County inspection. Everything promised and told to us transpired as explained. Future Energy kept us informed throughout the process and worked with us every step of the way. We can’t wait to check the savings with our first SMUD bill post installation. I suspect our bill will be even better than anticipated as Future Energy was very conservative on their figures.

    Julie K. Avatar
    Julie K.
  • If you’re looking to have a “Solar System” installed on your home, I would highly recommend Future Energy Savers in Elk Grove. We had Ms. Adrianna visit us for our solar system consultation. A pleasant, young lady who thoroughly explained all the details of what “Solar” is all about. There were a lot of equipment choices and Adrianna gladly explained the pros and cons. She compared cost and performance of each equipment, even battery options. She covered everything, most of my questions were answered before I had a chance to ask. Very knowledgeable. She is also very patient, explaining things a few times until we understood. We did not feel pressured or rushed to purchase anything, we felt comfortable.The day of the installation two guys “Paul and ?” show up on time. Sorry I don’t remember the other persons’ name. Very nice guys, after a quick explanation of what their plan of attack was, they were on it. Amazing work, the whole installation went smooth and it looks good. They cleaned up and left no thrash. Thank you for the quality install guys.The email and phone communications with the office were precise and prompt. You know the rate hikes from PG&E is here and more to come. It was an easy decision for us to go solar.

    Paul T. Avatar
    Paul T.

    I am extremely happy with Future Energy Savers. My system was installed in May. Now that we have had some days of 104° I was anxious to see how the system performed. I decided to test it and set my thermostat to 75 and monitored throughout the day. My system handled it all with no problem! Ever since the system was up and running it put electricity out into the grid, even on the cooler days we had in May.I asked a lot of questions of the SMUD and county people that do the inspecting asking how this company fares over others they are out there. The response was that they had not seen any problems with this company and that the battery system is cutting edge and didn't understand why more people don't buy them with their system. I love that the battery really helps to keep from having to tap the grid and/or having to purchase during the peak .39 per kw. My system has always exported more energy than imported. So far I am ahead and will get a check from SMUD.The installers and everyone I worked with was great! I highly recommend this company. I am so happy I did this now.

    Susie B. Avatar
    Susie B.

    The only company (and I have had five solar companies spec my house over the past several years) that would sell and install a small-enough system (3KW), which is all that I will need, with good terms and great service (so far)! Because I'm not an energy glutton no other solar companies could make it worthwhile for me, I'd have to pay a lot out of pocket just to lease a system—no thanks! I will reap the benefit of the federal tax credit and the panels are warranteed for 25 years, no repair or upkeep costs. Everyone I've dealt with, from sales staff (via phone) to engineers and installers, have been friendly, professional, practice good communication, and they got my system up and running quickly. Now I'm just waiting for PGE to sign off, so I can start accruing energy credits!

    Marianne D. Avatar
    Marianne D.
  • We appreciated that Future Energy has had 40 years of experience in the field, uses no subcontractors, uses high-end components, and is a company established by veterans. Our salesperson, Eugene, is a manager who put us at ease, answered our questions and gave us information to questions we did not even know to ask. We wanted to take advantage of the discount that is available to the end of 2019.When it came time for installation, the engineer knew exactly what we needed and the placement of the panels on our roof to maximize the production of the solar system. Everything was installed on the roof and in our garage in a timely and efficient fashion. Future Energy took care of all the paperwork with the city, HOA, and PG&E which could have been a nightmare for a homeowner. We hope to be protected from future power outages by PG&E by purchasing a battery to store our energy. We also hope to see much lower PG&E bills in the future and want to increase the resale value of our home by installing solar from Future Energy since we know in 2020 all new homes will need solar.Richard & Susan

    Susan H. Avatar
    Susan H.

    In 2018, we were contacted by Future Energy Savers, but we weren't ready to jump on the solar bandwagon yet. They called us back a year later and we had our system installed in November. Every step of the process has been easy and smooth. Everyone has been very knowledgeable and helpful. We are so glad we went with Future Energy Savers!

    Kristy F. Avatar
    Kristy F.

    Working with Future Energy Savers was a breeze. The salesman was not pushy and took his time to explain the entire process. The survey begin right away and the permits came shortly after. Very pleased with the entire experience. Would recommend them to anyone that is looking at going solar.

    David H. Avatar
    David H.
  • best in the business. These guys are saving me tons of money. the entire process is quick and easy. Mitchell did a wonderful job walking me through all of the choices.

    Kent H. Avatar
    Kent H.

    My husband and I have been considering going solar for several years. Initially, we thought leasing would be best, thinking that we'd minimize maintenance costs, but then learned that the solar leasing company would benefit from the State and Federal credits. the Future Energy Savers team has been phenomenal -- from sales to installation!

    Lisa R. Avatar
    Lisa R.

    We had a few solar companies come through the neighborhood to give estimates. We made an appointment and Dale was very informative on the history of Future Solar, how they operate, and how the panels work. I liked the fact that it’s a local company that’s been in operation for decades. By the end of our meeting my husband and I felt good about finally getting solar. The whole process was quick and painless. There wasn’t much paperwork on our part. Dale helped fill out everything and explained it. Within a week they were putting the panels on the house. It took one day for installation. Then a few more days the inspection was complete and we’re generating energy. We can monitor it all from the app. My husband flew the drone to take pictures of the roof. The panels look very neatly placed. I’m excited to see our savings!

    Kari H. Avatar
    Kari H.
  • I’m glad I went with Future Energy Savers for my solar needs. My energy bills are now averaging between $30 and $40. One of the best investments I’ve ever made! My salesperson was extremely knowledgeable. The installers took only a couple of days to finish. I highly recommend Future to anyone that wants to go solar for their homes.

    Hector Q. Avatar
    Hector Q.

    Future Energy Savers was a pleasure to work with from beginning to end - from the initial stage of determining the optimal solar system to its final installation. Imagine our surprise when the energy bill from the first full month of operation was cancelled because the system generated enough excess electricity to pay for our home's use of natural gas over the same period! That won't happen every month, but it's nice to discover that it can happen.

    Dean S. Avatar
    Dean S.

    My husband and I recently purchased a Solar System from Future Energy Savers. Our experience started with Kevin one of their sales reps. He was outstanding, knowledgeable and well spoken. He was also very thorough in explaining the process to my husband and I and that's what helped in solidifying our decision to go with the company. The install went well and the final inspection went well also. We would definitely recommend future energy savers to any of our friends and family that are interested in adding solar to their homes. The thing we look most forward to is the money that we will save by adding solar to our home.

    Josephine B. Avatar
    Josephine B.
  • In a time where you have to fight to get services delivered, Future Energy Savers shines when it comes to solar systems. From the sales cycle to final delivery, this company makes everything easy. They take ownership of the entire process, do what they say they are going to do, when they say they are going to do it, and deliver a quality product.Future Energy Savers sales person Mike, gave an easy to understand presentation to explain the features and benefits associated with solar systems and the alternatives available. He was strait forward, presented the facts, and gave us time to make a decision that best fit our needs. No pressure, no sleight of hand, no fast talk. He answered our questions and made sure we were comfortable with our decision before signing the contract.Once the contract was signed, Future Energy Savers took care of everything. The installation took place within two weeks and completed by their crew in less than four hours. The installation, which is neat, clean, and professional was inspected by the County a few days later, who commented on the quality of the work, signed off on it and approved it for operation.The thing that impressed me the most was that Future Energy Savers did everything. I did not have to lift a finger. They did the work to get approval from my homeowner’s association, obtained the permits, ordered and installed the equipment, scheduled the County inspection, coordinated the hookup with PG&E, and provided the paperwork necessary to obtain the tax rebate. Their warranty is outstanding and the post installation follow-up has been great. I would recommend Future Energy Savers to anyone that may be interested in solar.

    Charles L. Avatar
    Charles L.

    Great customer service and excellent company to do business with. Very pleased with my installation and production.

    Sukhdeep S. Avatar
    Sukhdeep S.

    I would give them five stars! From salesman to solar employees. It only took a few weeks to put in. They explained everything on the process and gave many options. Did push for the best option, however I took due to size of home. I am very happy with the sales, customer service, financial and solar crew. I would strongly recommend them to family and friends.

    Roxanne M. Avatar
    Roxanne M.
  • Future Energy Savers did an amazing job on our home, Not only did they attempt to put the Panels in the place where it would maximize sun exposure. They also did an amazing job on hiding the panels so that it didn't affect the curb appeal of our home. Thank you Future Energy Savers!

    Mariesa A. Avatar
    Mariesa A.

    I had several companies approach us regarding a solar system but couldn't settle on one until I found Future Energy Savers... From the beginning they were helpful and knowledgeable without being pushy. They helped design a system that fit our needs, were very honest about pricing and financing, and responded to all of our questions. I felt like we were important to them. Highly recommend this company, they are in it for the long run, install was done so quickly and everything was smooth

    Justin F. Avatar
    Justin F.

    Future Energy Savers was very thorough in explaining the process and the panels they offer. Mitch was very knowledgeable and easy to work with. The installation was seamless and prompt. I would recommend the company!

    Shannon P. Avatar
    Shannon P.
  • I highly recommend Future Energy Savers. Briana did an excellent job at demonstrating how we would save on energy costs by implementing the SolarEdge, SolarEdge Inverter, and battery readiness options for the system. Not only are we producing our own energy now, we ready to store it on premises and receive lifetime monitoring by SolarEdge.

    Ryan P. Avatar
    Ryan P.

    I highly recommend Future Energy Savers. Briana did an excellent job at demonstrating how we would save on energy costs by implementing the SolarEdge, SolarEdge Inverter, and battery readiness options for the system. Not only are we producing our own energy now, we ready to store it on premises and receive lifetime monitoring by SolarEdge.

    Ryan P. Avatar
    Ryan P.

    My husband and I have been considering solar for quite awhile and are very happy with our new solar from Future Energy Savers! The whole process was amazing - from our initial meeting with Briana through installation. Everyone was knowledgeable, friendly and answered all of our many questions.

    LuAnn L. Avatar
    LuAnn L.
  • Very friendly and professional. Quick to install and answered every question. Highly recommend!

    Peter Avatar

    Like many other people, we were approached by several solar installation companies after we purchased our house. After meeting with a couple of these, we had an appointment with Dale from Future Energy Savers. He was very professional and kind and provided answers to all our questions. He made a great impression and case for how solar would benefit us. Installation was fast and convenient, and our PG&E bills have dropped dramatically. We couldn't recommend Future Energy Savers more!

    Mark B. Avatar
    Mark B.

    I had my 5.5 kw system installed in November of 2019. I was happy that the salesmen didn't try to sell me a larger system than required and didn't try to install panels on the rear of my house (north facing). The installation went very well. Future Energy employees showed up and completed a very clean installation with quality panels and inverters/panels. My goal for this system is to provide approximately 80% of my electricity requirement and keep my PG&E bill from getting into second and third tier pricing going forward. So far my system performs well and I have not seen any service interruptions.

    Ronald M. Avatar
    Ronald M.